Markku "G" Soikkeli

I am 54-year-old author and critic, and I also teach creative writing. I live in Tampere with a wife and kid and 180+ board games.
I used to be a teacher and researcher of Finnish literature at the Department of Art Studies (in the University of Tampere and also in the Univ. of Turku).

Lately (2013-) I've been working as a free-lance writer, doing both fictional and non-fictional books. Besides five fiction books I have published four introductory books (in Finnish) about genre fiction: The Handbook of Science Fiction Literature (2015), The Handbook of Science Fiction Films (2016), Love's Labour As Usual. The Handbook of Love Stories (2016) and The Handbook of Romance Films (2018).
I have no idea where will I be in next 5... 10... 50 years...

I've taken my M.A. degree and licenciate degree at the university of Tampere during the years 1990-1992. My doctoral dissertation was published by SKS in 1998. The previous papers for the degrees were dealing with the tradition of pastoral and rural epics of Finnish literature, and the dissertation was a gender-approach to the Finnish lovenovels.

My other research interests are science fiction and fantasy, film criticism, hypermedia, gender research, and also myth criticism.

My short stories in English:
"Local Knowledge" (2003)
"Longing for Mars" (2008)

An introduction to Longing for Mars -story is available by the translator Owen Witesman.


A tiny example of my research interests is this article "The man who was overlooked in the battle of the sexes" (2005).

My homepage (='Bitish Isles')